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Safety and Discipline Iindicator Excel Template


User Guide

Before downloading the Excel template, open Excel (Start-Programs-Microsoft Excel) to a blank worksheet.  Click "Tools" from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Highlight "Macro" from the dropdown list, then double-click on "Security".  You will see the screen below.  Make sure the radio button next to "Medium" is on so that you will be able to use the macro included with the template.  If the "Medium" button has not been selected, select it and click on the OK button.

Go to the ADE Table of Contents and double-click on Safety and Discipline Indicator Collection.

You will be taken to this screen.  Position your mouse cursor on the Excel Template  and right click.

Choose the Save as option from the pop-up box.  The File Download screen will appear.  Enter the directory path on your hard drive or network drive where you would like the template stored and click OK.


After downloading and saving the Excel template, open it up by double-clicking on the file name or go into Excel from the Start-Programs-Microsoft Excel route and then open the file (File-Open).  The first time you open the template you will see a screen which asks if you want to enable macros.  The correct response is Enable Macros.  Macros are embedded computer programs which perform tasks for you.  In this Excel template, the macro will create the text file you will need to upload.  It also deletes the extra blank lines and puts the fields in the correct order. 


When you have finished entering data into the worksheet, click on the "Finish" tab at the bottom of the template.  The "Finish" tab has a Create Upload Text File button for both the SDI template and SDI_Ethnicity template.  Click on the SDI command button to create the text file for Upload SDI and then click on Upload SDI Ethnicity to create the text file for SDI Ethnicity. 



The worksheet will flash a few times, then the following screen will be displayed.

Enter as your two digit number the extension of the file you will be submitting.  For example, if you have not submitted a file previously, the  number you  should enter is 01.  The file which will be created will be named SDIxxxx.01a or SDIxxxx.01b where xxxx represents your district's code.  The next time you create the file, enter 02, etc.

Once the file has been created, the macro will tell you where the file has been stored.

[After your text files are uploaded, open each text file in a text editor such as WordPad, go to Edit >> Replace.  In the "Find What" category, type in a comma, click on "Replace All". This will remove all commas from the text file. Remember to do this process for both SDI text files.]

When you have created the file, log onto the ADE system and upload your file.  See additional documentation for instructions on using the ADE system.

Automated Data Exchange Documentation - Instructions for the Safety & Discipline Indicator Template.

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